LuLaRoe Gigi PriceThe LuLaRoe Gigi top is one of the newest additions to the 2017 LuLaRoe collection. The Gigi is basically a top part of the Julia dress. With elbow length sleeves, form fitted body, and high rounded neckline, this top is sure to become one of your new favorites (it is mine by far!). Pair with any of our skirts, a pair of leggings, or over the top of a dress and you are set!  Before you purchase, it may help to understand the LuLaRoe Gigi sizing first.  And as we go on, we will be covering LuLaRoe Gigi styling tips as well!  So many ways to wear this beautiful piece.
LuLaRoe Gigi Stying
LuLaRoe Gigi Sizing
The LuLaRoe Gigi sizing is very similar to the Julia dress. Basically, think of a Julia dress with out the dress part. So, kind of like a Julia top! I love this style, because it is form fitted. When pairing with high waisted skirts, they tuck in very smooth, with not a lot of extra fabric that can cause bunching under your skirt. As a general rule, I tell my customers to go with their Julia size as a starting point. If they are not familiar with Julia, I tell them to go with 1-2 sizes larger than their “regular” top size. So if you wear a small in standard tops, try a medium or large Gigi. There are a couple exceptions to this…..
Let’s talk about the Gigi fabrics – if you come across a top that has a higher percentage of spandex and/or rayon, you will find that these items will have a lot more stretch to them, and you may be able to size down a size smaller, almost coming closer to your regular size top. I’ve also noticed that anything ribbed, allows for some extra wiggle room! Garments with cotton in the material list, will have less stretch, and will fit tighter.  Keep the materials in mind with your LuLaRoe Gigi sizing. Be sure to ask your consultant about fabric type, especially when you are shopping online, so you get the right fit!
I have found that this top is one of the most versatile in sizing for me, personally. I have the widest range of sizes that I can wear for the Gigi top, than any other LuLaRoe top. I can wear anywhere from a Large to a 3XL, comfortably, and still look amazing 🙂 This gives me a very wide range to shop for!
LuLaRoe Gigi Fashion Ideas
LuLaRoe Gig Styling
LuLaRoe Gigi SizingThere are several different ways to wear your Gigi top. My favorite is with one of our high waisted skirts, such as the Lola, Lucy or Madison. Because of the tighter fit, these are effortless with a high waisted skirt. Simply tuck in, and you are ready to go. I love that there is not much extra fabric that can bunch up under your skirt with the Gigi, like if you were trying to tuck in an Irma (for example) under a sleek skirt.
If you are not totally into tucking in to skirts yet, that’s ok. Here is a pic one of my customers shared, showing me how she paired her new Gigis with a Madison, but instead of tucking in, she simply wore it out, and I think it looks great this way as well!
Pairing a Gigi with leggings is another way to go. This may not be an option for everyone, but if you remember to size up a few sizes, it can be a fun look. Personally, I am a Med/Large (regular) sized top. My go-to size Gigi has been an XL. If I want to wear with leggings, I go all the way up to a 3XL. This gives me some extra length and more wiggle room. I can also wear an XL, 2XL or 3XL in fabrics with rayon and /or spandex because of the extra stretch/room that these fabrics allow.
Gigis are a fun addition to pair up with some of our dresses as well. I have found that wearing them over a Nicole, Ana, or Julia can be a win. Because they are form fitting, you really don’t even have to knot these, like some of the looser fitting tops, when wearing over a dress. I love to thrown on a thick, stretchy belt to give my waist more definition.
The Gigi top is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, it pairs amazingly well with almost every other piece in the LuLaroe collection. This is the first form fitting top from LuLaRoe, and I’m so happy about this!
LuLaRoe Gigi Styling
LuLaRoe Gigi Outfit

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