Your Guide to LuLaRoe Sizing

With several different styles, including leggings, skirts, dresses, tops and pull overs, one of the most frequently asked questions for LuLaRoe consultants is “What is my LuLaRoe size?”. Here is the thing about shopping LuLaRoe and LuLaRoe sizing – they provide a standard sizing chart as a guide, but the real trick is to try on, and see what works for you. I can actually wear several sizes in each style, which is actually amazing, because, this gives you more options. What girl doesn’t love options when shopping. So, while the sizing chart is a great guide, use it as that, a guide, not a stead-fast rule.  LuLaRoe sizing can vary slightly.

Let’s take a look at a few specific styles and sizing recommendations:

LuLaRoe Leggings:

OS (one-size, size 0-10) vs T&C (tall and curvy, size 10-22). Here’s the deal on these. I am one of the lucky ones that can wear BOTH sizes (YAY! MORE LEGGINGS FOR ME!) This isn’t an option for everyone, but it could be – try them on to see. For the most part, I love the T&C, because I feel like they have a little more give for me. But the OS are totally do-able. Some people I have heard shy away from the T&C because they aren’t “tall” – Trust me, it’s OK. I know some 5’2″ girls that wear the T&C, no problem. The great thing about LuLaRoe leggings is they are very forgiving. A little scrunch here, a little tuck there, and a fold over and under and they could fit my 7 year old if I wanted them to. I’ve got more coming specific to leggings soon.

Irma Tunics:

Oh Irma. How I love you. Seriously, you couldn’t find a better all around piece. It covers areas we all want covered, goes PERFECT with leggings or jeans, or match it up with a skirt and you could be dressed up for a night on the town. Amazing. Here is the thing about Miss Irma. She’s big. Like real big. LuLaRoe recommends sizing down 2 sizes for this top. Some can actually go down 3. It actually all depends on how you want to wear her, and what you are comfortable with length-wise (how much do you want covered). I always suggest, if you see a print or color that you love – instead of looking at the size, just try it. You will likely love it.

Julia Dress:

Miss Julia is a very flattering, but tighter fitting dress. LuLaRoe sizing recommends going UP one size in this dress. I can agree with this, but again, try a couple different ones on. Different types of materials fit differently. Julia certainly knows how to show off all the curves in all the right places. *Side note: Julia is my hubby’s favorite dress for this reason

16 thoughts on “Your Guide to LuLaRoe Sizing

  1. Aubreyon

    This is super helpful, thank you!
    I have never shopped Lularoe before, honestly had never even heard of it until this past year!! I’m saving to be able to get a wide range of peices and this article has such great guidlines i feel much more confident for my first buying experience!Thank you!!!

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