How to Buy LuLaRoe

If you’re wondering how to buy LuLaRoe, it can be a learning curve for most people! It is a little different way of shopping, but once you learn how, you will love it. Because prints and styles are limited, when you see something you love, we encourage you to grab it, because if you don’t you may never see it again.  It is not a typical way of going online, logging on, putting items in your cart and start buying. There are a few ways for those wondering how to shop LuLaRoe, we will go over them here.

LuLaRoe Pop Up Boutique

Wondering how to buy LuLaRoe? Find a local consultant.

The LuLaRoe pop up boutique is the original way and most encouraged way to shop LuLaRoe. Pop Up boutiques are how LuLaRoe got it’s start. The hostess invites her friends to the pop up boutique and earns rewards, generally, for her friend’s purchases. For my hosted pop up boutiques, I generally have a for every 10 sold, get one item free incentive for the hostess, which can result in some great free clothing for the hostess. Pop up boutiques are a fun way to get to try on different styles, feel all the different textures and fabrics, and see everything up close and in person. In home sales are generally the most successful, because the customer can actually experience the clothes in person

LuLaRoe Online Shopping

Each LuLaRoe consultant will have her own personal shopping group on facebook (you can visit my facebook group here).  From there you can shop during her “open sales”. Items will be posted during certain hours, but not available all the time, so you need to keep an eye on your groups of when the sales are being held.  Some ladies will post their items to albums within the group, and others will use programs that are like simulated shopping carts to display their product. The end result, however is that you will receive an invoice from the consultant, and pay that way vs. checking out in a shopping cart. All sales are first come first serve, so the first person to grab the items will be the one to get the pieces.

LuLaRoe live sales are gaining in popularity.

LuLaRoe Live Sales

Live sales are becoming a popular way to shop LuLaRoe. Consultants are using Facebook Live, Periscope or Live YouTube to display and sell items. You can visit my facebook group, which does live sales once or twice a week.  You can also see me on Periscope, visit my fashion channel here!  This is a fun way to see the items a little better that a picture may display, and may be the closest thing to shopping an in home boutique from your living room couch. Generally items have numbers, and you will comment SOLD with the numbered item to claim, and the consultant will send you an invoice to your email to pay, and then ship your item out to you.  A fun way to do live sales, is the popular “shop the box” sale, where consultants will display their brand new inventory as a first look type sale, where the viewers are getting to purchase items before a regularly scheduled sale, and see the items, fresh from the box. There are Pros and cons to the different styles of live sales. Doing FB live sales in your private group, you are just reaching your group members (good and bad), so you will just have your loyal customers opting to buy. A downfall of Facebook live is there is quite a delay on the comments, so if you are trying to interact live with several people, the delay can be a barrier. Doing Periscope you are opening up your audience to the entire world, basically (again, good and bad) so your viewing audience can be much broader, and you may gain new customers from this platform. There is only a second or so delay, so interacting more “real time” is much easier on Periscope. Downfall is that the comments come quickly, and only last for a few seconds, so if you turn around for a second you can miss some interaction. I generally have my husband on the computer in the background monitoring comments for me because they happen so fast, and you never really know who is watching.

There are so many ways to buy LuLaRoe – so if you’re wondering how to shop LuLaRoe, I hope you found a way to shop that’s comfortable for you!

190 thoughts on “How to Buy LuLaRoe

  1. Alion

    While online shopping is at an all time high, some people simply prefer to touch products before they buy. LuLaRoe consultants offer in-home pop ups as well. It definitely depends on the consultant as to how their in home pop ups work, so contact your favorite to ask those questions.

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