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Guide to the LuLaRoe Irma Sizing, Styling, & Price

The LuLaRoe Irma is one of the most versatile tops on the market! Below, we will go through various ways to style the Irma, what to pair it with, and how to wear it best. Irma features a high low hemline, scoop neck and 1/2 sleeves (hitting right above your elbows, generally). Irma and LuLaRoe leggings go hand in hand, there is no question about that, but let us show you what else you can do with this amazing piece.

LuLaRoe Irma Price

The 2017 LuLaRoe Irma price for a tunic is $35, which is a standard price for the LuLaRoe tops. Match up with some leggings, and you have complete outfit for $60, that is a great deal.

LuLaRoe Irma Sizing

If you’re interested in LuLaRoe Irma sizing, please take note.  Irma tunics do run big. This is for a couple reasons. Irma is made to be worn with the leggings. They have a high-low hemline, with the back being longer, covering all those necessary areas while wearing your leggings. They are also a tunic style top, so they are meant to be looser fitting, flowy and amazingly comfortable. As a general rule of thumb, I tell my customers to size down 1-2 sizes from your regular shirt size. So, for example, if you usually wear a Large top, I would recommend trying a medium or small Irma. This of course, can vary depending on fabric type. The fabrics that contain higher percentages of Rayon, spandex, etc. will have more stretch, and thus, more wiggle room. The arms on the Irma hit right above your elbow, and are a little more fitted than the body of the shirt (OK, much more fitted than the body!), so the largest factor when sizing down, will be the arms – once the arms start getting tight enough where it is not comfortable to cross your arms – stop – don’t size down any farther!  The perfect thing about Irma, is that when un-tucked, no matter your size, it will cover all the areas you need covered. Remember not to just shop in “your size”, but rather, shop for the print you love, whether than be your standard size, oversized, or just a little on the small side. Let us show you next, how to do this.

LuLaRoe Irma Styling

LuLaRoe Irma styling is fun!  There’s so many ways to wear it.  The most common way to wear your Irma, is to style it with a simple pair of leggings. They were really made for leggings, by design, so you can’t go wrong with this style. Can’t get any easier, simply find your favorite Irma and match up with a pair of leggings! Don’t be scared to mix and match patterns/prints either! Polka dots and stripes can be used as a neutral print, and look lovely with a pair of floral leggings. When wearing with leggings, you can always add a belt, tie the side up, use the quarter hack to make a sunburst…. the options are endless!

Next, let’s get funky with the Irma. By sizing up approximately 2 sizes, you can do the following hacks with your top:

Off the shoulder: you will need to size up a couple for this, as stated above. I generally wear a Medium or Small Irma – to wear this style, I go up to a Large or XL generally, depending on fabric. Simply slip one arm through your neck hole, so the neckline hits right under your armpit. Take the sleeve that is left hanging under your arm, and simple tuck it into the shirt. (Like if you were turning it inside out, but just the sleeve!)

Sleeveless Irma: For this, you will do the same as the off-the-shoulder look, but both arms will go through the neck hole. Now, you will have both sleeves hanging at your sides. Instead of tucking them in on this styling, you will take both sleeves, pull them forward and tie in a knot right in the front. The tighter you can pull the sleeves and tie the knot, the more fitted the top will be, and the better it will stay put during the day. You can also tie the knot in the back, instead of the front, for a smoother look from the front. I do find sometimes I need a little help with this tie, as my arms don’t bend that far back!

What is LuLaRoe?Questions & Answers

Many of you are here for the primary question, what is LuLaRoe?  LuLaRoe is a company that provides an opportunity for individuals to create their own business experience. Independent fashion retailers around the country purchase clothing at wholesale and sell to their customers, creating community between women and financial freedom for it’s consultants. LuLaRoe was started by DeAnne Stidham back when she was a single mother, raising seven children, and trying to provide for her family. She found this balance by selling Maxi skirts in a party based setting. Fast forward a few years, and DeAnne and her new husband, Mark, have created a business opportunity for other women across the country who want to be their own boss, set their own hours, and be immersed in the fashion world at the same time. The beauty of LuLaRoe is, you can work your business at your own pace. If you want to make a little extra money to spend each month, you can do that. If you want to be able to pay your mortgage payment with your income, you can do that as well. If you want to work it as a full time business, and make a 6 figure salary – this is possible as well, with some hard work and dedication.  So are you still wondering what is LuLaRoe???

How Does LuLaRoe Work

Are you wondering how does LuLaRoe work?  Let’s start with LuLaRoe’s Mission Statement: LuLaRoe: Where through fashion we create freedom, serve others, and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, purpose, confidence, trust and growth.  The bare bones of the company is fairly simple. Consultants purchase clothing from the company, and sell to their customers. This is done mostly via social media platforms, or home based parties, called “pop up boutique parties”.  Fashion retailers are required to sell at MAP (minimum advertised price), but the way they sell, is mostly up to them. LuLaRoe encourages it’s retailers to  be generous and giving with their costumers. Most retailers offer incentive plans, and give their hostesses rewards for hosting parties with them. This only makes sense, since you are gaining new customers through them, which can be priceless. It is important to turn over inventory frequently, as you always want your customers to have new, fresh items to shop from. I have found that ordering frequently, sometimes 2-3 times per week, is the best way to keep my customers interested in what I have to offer. Retailers can choose to sell primarily online or in person, but the most successful consultants find a balance between the two.

LuLaRoe New Styles

Typically, new LuLaRoe styles are released 1-2 times per year. This, of course, does not include the capsule collections. Capsule collections, are limited edition pieces, such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, etc. Last year, they release an “elegant collection” around the holidays, that once it was gone, that was it. The same was done for the Mimi last year. Holiday capsules typically come around each year, but the prints are new each year.  LuLaRoe has amazing designers, and is typically very fashion forward. Even predicting what the trends will be and releasing them before mainstream brick and mortar store do.  Follow us for the latest in LuLaRoe new styles and fashion trends…are you starting to learn a bit about what is LuLaRoe???  It’s simply amazing and comfortable.

Find a LuLaRoe Consultant

First off, did you know you can shop in my group???  Check out my facebook fashion group that displays a large inventory of a variety of styles.  You can typically find a consultant by searching facebook, periscope, or google. If you are looking for someone in your area, sometimes it is best to check out local vendor events, as there is usually one set up there. You can also ask around, chances are someone you know already has a favorite retailer! On the LuLaRoe website, they do have a map feature that you can click on your area and find a consultant near you, however, I’m not sure how up to date that map is currently. So it might be best to search the previously mentioned places.

These are the general questions people ask when looking for information on what is LuLaRoe; check out my other articles with more information and styling tips!

How to Buy LuLaRoe

If you’re wondering how to buy LuLaRoe, it can be a learning curve for most people! It is a little different way of shopping, but once you learn how, you will love it. Because prints and styles are limited, when you see something you love, we encourage you to grab it, because if you don’t you may never see it again.  It is not a typical way of going online, logging on, putting items in your cart and start buying. There are a few ways for those wondering how to shop LuLaRoe, we will go over them here.

LuLaRoe Pop Up Boutique

Wondering how to buy LuLaRoe? Find a local consultant.

The LuLaRoe pop up boutique is the original way and most encouraged way to shop LuLaRoe. Pop Up boutiques are how LuLaRoe got it’s start. The hostess invites her friends to the pop up boutique and earns rewards, generally, for her friend’s purchases. For my hosted pop up boutiques, I generally have a for every 10 sold, get one item free incentive for the hostess, which can result in some great free clothing for the hostess. Pop up boutiques are a fun way to get to try on different styles, feel all the different textures and fabrics, and see everything up close and in person. In home sales are generally the most successful, because the customer can actually experience the clothes in person

LuLaRoe Online Shopping

Each LuLaRoe consultant will have her own personal shopping group on facebook (you can visit my facebook group here).  From there you can shop during her “open sales”. Items will be posted during certain hours, but not available all the time, so you need to keep an eye on your groups of when the sales are being held.  Some ladies will post their items to albums within the group, and others will use programs that are like simulated shopping carts to display their product. The end result, however is that you will receive an invoice from the consultant, and pay that way vs. checking out in a shopping cart. All sales are first come first serve, so the first person to grab the items will be the one to get the pieces.

LuLaRoe live sales are gaining in popularity.

LuLaRoe Live Sales

Live sales are becoming a popular way to shop LuLaRoe. Consultants are using Facebook Live, Periscope or Live YouTube to display and sell items. You can visit my facebook group, which does live sales once or twice a week.  You can also see me on Periscope, visit my fashion channel here!  This is a fun way to see the items a little better that a picture may display, and may be the closest thing to shopping an in home boutique from your living room couch. Generally items have numbers, and you will comment SOLD with the numbered item to claim, and the consultant will send you an invoice to your email to pay, and then ship your item out to you.  A fun way to do live sales, is the popular “shop the box” sale, where consultants will display their brand new inventory as a first look type sale, where the viewers are getting to purchase items before a regularly scheduled sale, and see the items, fresh from the box. There are Pros and cons to the different styles of live sales. Doing FB live sales in your private group, you are just reaching your group members (good and bad), so you will just have your loyal customers opting to buy. A downfall of Facebook live is there is quite a delay on the comments, so if you are trying to interact live with several people, the delay can be a barrier. Doing Periscope you are opening up your audience to the entire world, basically (again, good and bad) so your viewing audience can be much broader, and you may gain new customers from this platform. There is only a second or so delay, so interacting more “real time” is much easier on Periscope. Downfall is that the comments come quickly, and only last for a few seconds, so if you turn around for a second you can miss some interaction. I generally have my husband on the computer in the background monitoring comments for me because they happen so fast, and you never really know who is watching.

There are so many ways to buy LuLaRoe – so if you’re wondering how to shop LuLaRoe, I hope you found a way to shop that’s comfortable for you!

LuLaRoe Leggings Size Difference

LuLaRoe leggings are by far one of the most popular items sold by LuLaRoe.  Most LuLaShoppers have at least one (or, in my case, 50) pairs, but for any LuLaNewbies deciding on a size can be a question. There are some lucky gals out there that can fit into 2 different sizes – you may be one of them and don’t even know it. Think of the possibilities if you could wear TWO different LuLaRoe leggings sizes?! As we know, every LuLaRoe consultant carries various colors/prints of leggings. As a consultant, we do not actually get to pick our prints/colors, they are sent to us at random, and there is a limited amount printed for each style. Nothing is worse than finding a print you LOVE, only to see it is not in your “size”. Here, I have included the measurements of each size of the leggings, to show you, your options may be more open than you once thought!

LuLaRoe Leggings Sizes

LuLaRoe Leggings Size Chart

LuLaRoe OS (one size) leggings – generally fit size 0 to 10. Measurements are approximately (unstretched) 35 inches long (inseam 25 inches)

LuLaRoe T&C (tall and curvy) leggings – generally fit size 12 to 22. Measurements are approximately (unstretched) 39 inches long (inseam 27.5 inches)

LuLaRoe Tween leggings – for tweens or 10+ generally, although my 7 year old loves this size. Measurements are 32 inches long (inseam 23 inches)

LuLaRoe Kids S/M leggings – generally fits kids age 2 – 6 . Measurements are 23 inches long (inseam 16 inches)

LuLaRoe Kids L/XL leggings – generally fits kids age 6 – 10  . Measurements are 29 inches long (inseam 19 inches)

For all the OS-ers out there – ever think about trying the tween, and wearing them as capris? Or going up a size to the T&C and folding them over at the top? IT CAN BE DONE.

Keep an open mind about LuLaRoe leggings and their sizing – you will thank me someday

Your 2017 Guide to LuLaRoe Prices

Feel overwhelmed shopping LuLaRoe from time to time trying to keep track of all the sizing and LuLaRoe prices? Here is a good chart with every piece that LuLaRoe currently makes to make it easy for you. For $25 you are getting an amazing pair of leggings. I totally understand the fear behind spending $25 on leggings, but you are buying quality and most consultants have excellent return policies should something go wrong with your clothing. Shirts are going to run you about $35 on average, which are going to make you look and feel amazing, so I can’t imagine better spending $35. Skirts and dresses, which are amazing will run about $35 to $65 approximately. The higher end dresses make you look so dressy, while still feeling comfortable. I used to come home from work and immediately change into my yoga pants and tank top. Now, there are days I climb into bed and realize I haven’t taken off my LuLaRoe that I put on that morning. That is saying something about the comfort of this clothing, and I think that is worth every cent!

If you are looking for unique layering pieces, the Joy and Sarah are the perfect solution. There are so many fun ways to style them, and they really complete your outfit. LuLaRoe came out with a limited edition piece, called the Mimi, and while they are no longer available, I was able to grab 2 for myself, and I loved them and can’t wait to see what they put out next.

Let’s talk about the Carly dress real quick, because I hear a lot of gripes about the $55 price tag on a t-shirt dress. This dress is amazing, there are a zillion ways you can style it, layer them, tie them and make them unique. From a girl that owns over 30 Carly dresses, these are worth the money. They last, and each dress can look like a different dress each day of the week depending on how you style it.

The LuLaRoe prices I feel are fair for the quality.  Of course, that’s up to the consumer, but anyone who knows LuLaRoe knows it’s not just clothing – it’s a lifestyle.

Becoming a LuLaRoe Consultant – LuLaRoe Business Opportunity

Has starting a LuLaRoe business crossed your mind? Are you wondering what it takes in becoming a LuLaRoe consultant? If so, you are in the right place. There are tons of funny LuLaRoe memes floating around that I can imagine you’ve run into if you are in any VIP shopping groups. A few of these memes talk about “levels of LuLaRoe Addiction”. Stage 1 – Usually is the what-is-this-stuff type “level” all the way up to the highest level of becoming a consultant yourself. Ironically enough, these silly memes actually have some truth to them. I followed these stages pretty much spot on.  If you’re looking into a LuLaRoe business opportunity, you’ll find yourself falling in love with LLR along the way!

Stage 1 – Never heard of it, didn’t care about leggings, still wearing old maternity jeans (5 years post last baby. Whoops)
Stage 2 – Leggings? Fine, I will try a pair. Whatever. I just need to see what all the hype is about.
Stage 3 – LEGGINGS? Why did no one tell me about these? I need all the leggings.
Stage 4 – One more group can’t hurt right? After all, they might have that black Irma I need to match all my leggings
Stage 5 – OK. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve spent more money than I would like to admit. But I really don’t care. I feel better about myself than I have in years. That can’t be a bad thing. Maybe I will just ask about what it would take to actually make some money off this stuff.
Stage 6 – YES! This is where I belong.

Are you somewhere between stage 3 and 6? OK, you are in the right place. Let’s talk about what it really takes in becoming a LuLaRoe consultant. The good, the bad and everything in between.

LuLaRoe Consultant Cost – Start Up Fee – Cost to Join

Join our LuLaRoe Consultant Team!

If you’re interested in becoming a LuLaRoe consultant – you’ll have to be patient at first.  Before you onboard and are waiting in the queue for your call, there will be an onboarding package for you to look at. Here is one that was a recent one, but they do change frequently, so be sure to ask your sponsor for updates on the packages. You can choose one of several packages, then there are add-ons as well. You must choose one package at minimum, but as soon as you are off your call, you are able to go and order whatever you want to add to your packages. My suggestion, take this for what it is worth, order the smaller package and then do add-ons. You are not saving any money by choosing the larger packages, and unless they have everything you want in them, you are better off, going in and being able to piece your order together and get exactly what you want.

I’ve included links to everything I use and bought from Amazon to use for my LuLaRoe business. I hope that helps!  A LuLaRoe business opportunity doesn’t come without initial investments, and we’ve shopped around and found these to be the best products for the price.

Extra LuLaRoe Consultant Costs:
Besides the obvious initial investment of your inventory, there are going to be a few costs associated with starting up to take into consideration when you’re becoming a LuLaRoe consultant.  I used the time I had while waiting in the queue to spread out my spending so I didn’t feel my wallet get hit all at once. Some things you are going to want to consider are:

  • Hangers for your LuLaRoe clothes. I HIGHLY recommend using the velvet lined hangers. DO NOT cheap out and go with plastic hangers. You will live to regret it every single day, and end up buying velvet hangers later. Trust me on this one.
  • Racks. There are so many different rack systems out there. Make sure you are getting something commercial grade. The clothes are heavy. You want them to be able to be collapsible and transportable. There is some wonderful systems that are made to stay put in your room, which I am actually considering for my lularoom since most of my parties are done in my home anyway, but I will write about this at a later date. Bed Bath and Beyond sells some nice rack systems, but amazon is really where I found my commercial grade racks. I use a combination of double racks and single racks, as well as 2-tier racks for my skirts.
  • Shopping bags and mailers. While you will get some shopping bags in your starter kit, they will go fast, get a couple sizes to have a nice variety. Smaller bags for leggings, medium bags for leggings and a top and larger bags for dresses, etc. Polymailers come in a variety of sizes, prints and colors. I get these on amazon as well. I like to order 6×9, 9×12, 10×13. Anything over 1 pound is going to ship Priority mail, so I highly recommend going to, creating an account and ordering all the free mailers and boxes you can. They are FREE! You should never pay for a box to ship priority mail. Generally 3 pairs of leggings, or 3+ items will ship priority.
  • Printer/Computer –  For printing shipping labels, you can use a regular printer and paper, but down the road I would suggest splurging and investing in a Dymo label printer. They are worth the money, and will last YEARS. I have one that I have been using for 6+ years, and has probably printed upwards of 10,000+ labels and is still going strong. With the new bless, you will need an IOS system, whether that be a Mac computer or an iPad of some sort. There may be something coming in the future to make it compatible with your laptop or desktop, but for now, think about investing in some sort of apple device. Nothing fancy. You could grab a refurbished ipad mini for under $200 if needed. But you will need some kind of apple device – and it will make your life so much simpler.
  • Business cards/signage. You can use the templates provided by LuLaRoe in assets and have them printed with an outside source. I generally use Vista print for this as you can usually find a pretty good deal and they frequently have coupons and/or specials running. You can design your own cards, or purchase from one of the 5,000 etsy sellers selling designs, but make sure they are Home Office approved PRIOR TO purchasing. There are certain rules you need to follow when using the LuLaRoe logo and branding.
  • Clothing Bags. You will want something to transport your clothing to you out of home events and pop ups. LuLaRoe does sell some nice pink garment bags, they have always been out of stock so I invested in some blue IKea bags and they seem to do the trick. They are heavy duty and can carry a lot of clothes per bag. My inventory is currently up to about 1400 pieces and I need about 20 bags to transport it all, to give you an idea. You can buy them most economically as 5 packs.
  • Camera. You will need something to take pictures of your inventory. You can use a high quality phone, like an iPhone, or invest in an SLR Camera. I already had a nice Cannon, so I just use this. Lighting, Mannequin, backdrops, etc. are all discussed in my LuLaRoe Photography blog and video, so please refer to this blog for information on these products.

LuLaRoe Start Up Kit

If you’re looking into becoming a LuLaRoe consultant, then your start up is where most of your expenses come into play.  With your initial order, you will receive the on-boarding package you choose, plus any extra orders you’ve placed, and with your package you will receive a starter kit of sorts. In this kit you will receive a planner (essential for organizing and running your LuLaRoe business), a small amount of thank you cards, invites, general info to give to customers, some singe, a package of shopping bags, clothing style dividers, etc. I would recommend using the cards they give you, but be sure to have your own on order because they will go fast.

LuLaRoe Consultant Perks

Becoming a LuLaRoe consultant definitely has it’s perks. Besides getting first dibs at all the fabulous clothing at COST, you are getting to make amazing connections with all sorts of women that you would not have met otherwise. I have made some amazing friends just through the power of sharing a love of clothing, that I would not give back for anything. In addition, choose your sponsor and team wisely. These are the women that will uplift and guide you to success, who will listen to your frustrations and help you find solutions and make your business grow.  I personally oversee all of my consultants in my team, to ensure they’re taking advantage of all the tools available in a LuLaRoe business opportunity.  Contact me today to see if we would make a great fit!

Tips for Hosting a LuLaRoe Pop Up Boutique

There are two ways to host a LuLaRoe Pop Up. You can host an in home pop up party, or an online virtual party (Sign Up for Virtual Party Here). Both are acceptable, but in most cases, in home pop ups will bring you more sales, and thus earn you, the host, more incentives! Every consultant is free to choose what her host incentive package looks like. For most, the consultant offers a free item for every 10 items sold during your pop up. Some have some bonuses here and there as well, just be sure to have your consultant spell out exactly what her incentive package looks like before booking with her, so you are both on the same page. Ask her if she offers any extra incentives to you, and a guest that may book a party with her, during your party.

LuLaRoe hosting a pop up can be a fun, rewarding experience. You, as the hostess, will get what you put into it! Hostesses that put in some effort into getting their guests excited, helping the consultant sell their pieces, etc. will have more successful parties. You and your consultant are truly business partners for the week leading up to, and the day of your pop up boutique. Here, we will discuss some different ideas that can help you have a successful boutique party.

Inviting Friends/Family – your consultant should create an event in facebook for your event for you to invite your guests. You should also receive some hand outs to give to people personally, for in home events. While facebook can be great, people get a lot of invites, and a hand held, handwritten invitation will have a better turn out percentage. Ask for a flier that you can hang in your break room, conference room, or any place that your co-workers/friends/family may gather. Making personal phone calls, personal invitations, even text messages will yield a better turnout that strictly relying on FB invites. This is very, very true.

Set a Goal for Yourself – How many free items do you want to earn? What is your goal? Think about that number and work with your consultant to get there! Talk to her about any ideas she may have to help you achieve your goal!

Posting Pictures of YOU in your event, and on your personal Facebook page. Your friends and family will want to shop at your event if they see how much you love your already purchased LuLaRoe items!  Wear your LuLaRoe that you already have in your closet everyday if you can the week before your party – you are a walking billboard for your party!

In your Facebook Event Page leading up to your event:

  • Ask your consultant if she will have any games/participation incentives, etc. so you can help promote these in the event
  • Encourage guest interaction! Have guests ask questions. Lead by example. Post a question for the consultant, about a product, sizing, styling, etc. a few times leading up to the event date.
  • Your host should be posting styles in your event. Find a couple styles you love, or would like to try, and comment about WHY you love that particular style. Tag some friends that you think would love it too.
  • Post pictures of yourself wearing any Lularoe you already have! In addition to posting the pictures, describe where you wear that particular style, how it makes you feel, etc.
  • Send a personal message, text or make a phone call to all of your RSVP’d guests, giving them a sweet reminder of the party. Tell them how excited you are to see them (for in homes), or how appreciative you are for their participation (for virtual) in helping you earn some free clothing!

During the Event (in home pop up):

  • Try on LOTS of styles during your party. Show your guests how to mix and match. Try on a style that maybe you would never think you will love, show your guests to think outside the box!
  • Help your guests find outfits. Encourage guests to reach out to the consultant for help matching pieces, they know their inventory better than anyone! I personally love putting outfits together more than anything!

During the Event (Virtual Pop Up):

  • Start claiming items during your party (you don’t have to wait for your rewards to pile in, show your guests how it’s done!)
  • Find items in the shop that you think your guests will love, post items to the event and tag people! Tell them why you think they would love that particular item.
  • Find items, post them to the event and ask the consultant (or a guest) to help make an outfit out of it!
  • Once the party is nearing a close, post a quick Thank You to your guests in the group
  • Once you receive your free items, post a picture in the group showing everyone how much their purchases helped you earn!

Hosting a LuLaRoe party can be so much fun, and it’s success is dependent on you and your consultant working together to make your guests feel like they are part of the action, and most of all appreciated for their participation! Please contact me if you have any further questions about hosting a LuLaRoe Pop Up party, or if you would like to book a virtual party with me in my VIP shopping group!

Your Guide to LuLaRoe Carly Styling and Fashion

LuLaRoe’s newest dress to hit our closets is the Carly Dress. This dress is a swing style dress, with high-low hemline that lets you move and breath just the way you want to whole wearing a dress, but have never been able to. The open sleeves make moving (and thus your whole day) just that much better. There are dozens of ways to style Carly, making this a very versatile piece to add to your wardrobe.  I’m hoping you find this to be the complete guide to LuLaroe Carly styling!

Carly Sizing

LuLaRoe Carly Size Chart

Carly is an open style dress, so it is going to run big. If you are familiar with LuLaRoe’s Irma sizing, you will generally wear the same size as your Irma. If not, the general rule is to size down 1-2 sizes, all depending on how you want this to fit, of course. I have found that this is the most forgiving dress LuLaRoe has produced. I can wear a XXS, all the way up to a 3XL, with a few styling tricks. My “normal” size in Carly is a small or medium.

LuLaRoe Carly Price

The MAP of the Carly dress is $55.

LuLaRoe Carly Styling 

Belting Carly Dress – This in one of the easiest was to style your Carly is to add a thin or thick belt (any belt really). This will give your shape some definition, and a little bit of sophistication. Belts with Carlys can be worn high, just under the breast line, or low, hanging just over the hips, or right in the middle like a regular belt.

LuLaRoe Carly with a thick belt

LuLaRoe Carly with a metal stretch belt

LuLaRoe Carly with a thin belt

Carly Dress with a Lindsay Kimono and a Cassie Skirt as a scarf

How to Knot Carly Dress 

There are  a lot, and I mean A LOT, of different ways to knot a LuLaRoe Carly Dress. We are going to go through a good number of them with you, and you will have a bunch of new ways to wear this dress!  These are some of the forgotten tips on LuLaRoe Carly Styling.

Floral Knot

The floral knot on a Carly dress is a larger knot, generally worn on the side (will be too bulky to wear in the back or in the center front). You will need 2 ponytail holders for this knot. Generally, because this knot is a larger one, the thicker, no metal-no snag, hair elastics will work the best. I have also found that using a hair elastic that is a similar color to the Carly you are wearing can be beneficial. Start by pulling a good amount of the dress off to the side, being careful to sweep evenly the front fabric and the back fabric. Make a larger “ponytail” out of the excess fabric and tie the elastic several times around your fabric ponytail. Take all the excess fabric and make a flat pancake over the bulk of the fabric ponytail. Take your other hair band and place it right over the bump that is formed by the excess fabric making the center of the flower knot. Pull on the “petals” of the flower knot around the center until the knot looks the way you want. This type of knot is best made with leggings material Carlys, or t-shirt material, simply because of the bulk – but can be done with most fabrics, as long as the Carly is not too small. Please see the video for further instructions.

Flower Knot for Carly Dress

LuLaRoe Carly Flower Knot

Silver Dollar Knot or Coin Knot

For a smaller, less bulky knot you can do what I refer to as the “silver dollar knot” – For this knot I actually use a silver dollar, but you can certainly use any coin (the bigger the better though!) For this knot, you will place the coin on the dress where you want the knot to be centered, on the outside of the dress. Then flip the fabric of your dress up so you are grabbing the coin from the underside of the fabric. Take a small hair tie and wrap it around the coin, so the fabric is basically wrapping the coin inside the fabric. You will then have a nice faux knot, that gives the dress some dimension and interesting texture. See video for further clarification.  Please see video for further instruction.

Silver Dollar Knot

Carly Dress with a Cassie Skirt

Wearing Other Pieces with Your Carly Dress

In addition to styling your Carly with a pair of butter soft leggings, there are so many different pieces that you can pair with your Carly Dress.  Lularoe Carly styling, made easy!

Carly Dress with a Classic T

Carly Dress with a Cassie Skirt

Carly Dress with a Lindsay Kimono and a Cassie Skirt as a scarf

Carly Dress with a Joy Vest

As you can see, there are so many different ways to style your Carly dress from LuLaRoe. I have crated a video to show you step by step how to make these simple fashion tricks. Please enjoy, and comment and show us pics of LuLaRoe Carly Stying!

Styling your Carly Dress

LuLaRoe Photography 101 – Photo Ideas for your LuLaRoe Photoshoot

Are you looking for the best way to set up your LuLaRoe Photography for shooting your inventory? We have trialed and errored and have come up with some great photography tips to make photographing your LuLaRoe clothing easy!  To get started, let’s talk a little bit about your camera.

Camera Settings:

You will want to shoot with at least a simple SLR camera. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but this will result in the best photography in the long run. Especially since you will be shooting with every new shipment, you want something that you can easily manage, and know your settings quick. Time management is important when doing your LuLaRoe photography, because you are spending so much time shooting new inventory, you want to make the best use of your time and efficiently shoot and edit.

F-stop: your F-stop is determined by the lens you are using on your camera, but in general the lower the number (1/xxx) the wider the lens opening, so using a lower f-stop in dimly lit areas is beneficial because you are allowing more light in. The lower the number (1/xxx) the smaller the lens opening, so you would use a higher f-stop in well lit areas. The best way to figure out how your camera’s f-stop is going to work for you, is to experiment. Shoot your product with several f-stops and see what works best, and adjust from there. I generally shoot with a 1/80 f-stop to a 1/160 f-stop  for my particular lighting and camera lens.

ISO: by adjusting the ISO, you are adjusting your camera’s sensitivity to light. The actual numbers may differ, depending on your camera, but the general idea is the lower the number makes the camera less sensitive to light, and the higher the number, the more sensitive. So, what you need to know when shooting your inventory is: the lighter the piece, the lower the ISO. Again, the number will vary, and start by playing with it, and find out what is a good starting point for you and your lighting and surroundings and adjust as needed. I use an ISO of anywhere from 1200 (for light or even white pieces) all the way up to 6400 (for black or very very dark pieces).

Both of these settings are going to be determined by what you are using for a lighting set, if you have any other natural or other lighting coming into play, and the distance you are shooting from. The more you play with it, the better you will get at determining what settings you should use to shoot what. I can now look at a piece and it’s coloring and say, “oh, I think that is an F-stop of 1/125 and an ISO of 3200, and come pretty darn close.  For EACH piece I shoot, I shoot the overall shot, and then a close up if there is a design or pattern on it. Generally, I can shoot the far away shot, and then manually zoom in, adjust my ISO by 1, maybe 2 settings, and shoot the close up. Because as you zoom in, you are shortening your range, thus you need more sensitivity to light the closer you get. Make sense? Let’s continue!

Photography Set up:

You will need a few things to set up your LuLaRoe photoshoot. Here is a list, complete with links to deals I have found. There are many, many different places you can get these items, these are just what I use/recommend becuase they have worked well for me.

Camera – I had this on hand. I shoot a Canon 7D SLR

Tripod – Had this already on had as well. I would recommend getting one that can go pretty low to the ground, as well as high enough that you don’t have to bend over while you are shooting all the time.Lighting set – I got mine from Amazon. It is the LimoStudio Lighting Kit for $49.99 (See below for where to buy) – Perfect and simple for what we need it for.

Mannequin – there are hundreds if not thousands of them. I like the ones with the solid white, fabric not velvet) bodice. Prints are pretty, but if you have a real sheer piece, it can show through the fabric, altering what your garment looks like. Velvet bodices are harder to dress and undress in a hurry. Mine was also from amazon (See link below for how to buy). I also recommend getting the mid-size one. Any smaller than mine, and the larger clothes will look funny, but any larger, and the XXS, XS, S will not fit right either. This is a nice middle-of-the-road mannequin.

Backdrop – Lots of choices here, faux wood, chevron, damask, distressed, barn doors, whatever floats your boat. Amazon is full of them. I choose this 4 pack because I wanted options.  You can see the 4-pack I chose below for sale at Amazon.

Mannequin Leg – Totally optional. Most people choose to shoot their leggings on the regular mannequin bodice, which I did at first, but then I switched to the leg, and think my pictures look so much better, and have noticed sales increase, since switching to this. Here is the mannequin leg I bought, it was around $30.

Here’s what you need for the LuLaRoe Photoshoots:

Photography PhotoShoot

As you can see, I set up my mannequin up on blocks for certain items. I do this only if the dress is going to come close to the ground. And that is simply because I don’t have a nice wooden floor, or a backdrop that it can stand on. I may upgrade to an actual backdrop set up at a later date, but for now, I don’t want the carpet showing, so I prop it up on the wood crates for certain items. You also want to make sure that there is light hitting as many places of the clothing as possible. So I have one umbrella light up high, and one closer to the middle. I use the 3rd light (with no umbrella) towards the bottom middle for longer items. If I am shooting a shirt, I skip the bottom light (which will alter your ISO settings a bit, since there is less light on the product!) You want to have the umbrella lights as close to the mannequin, and as far in front of it as you can without blocking any of your line of sight in your shot. So just play with it a bit, and adjust as needed.

Shooting Your LuLaRoe Inventory

Each item will differ a bit, but generally, you want to make your pieces look their best, and photograph as true to color/pattern/design as possible. People are much more likely to buy from you if you have crisp, clear photography, and they can see that exact design. When I take my pictures, I take a close up of the design, and add it to each photograph, which I go over in my video about picture editing. Make sure your purples look purple, your reds look red and your black looks BLACK. It will save lots of questions, and possible returns. Which in the end, equals happy customers, and more sales for you! Check out my video which walks through the steps photographing your inventory!

LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt Dress Styles

If you’ve ever wondered, “where can I buy LuLaRoe Maxi Skirts”, you’ve come to the right place! I am crazy about the LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt, and always have dozens of sizes from XXS to 3XL in stock.  Whether you’re looking for solids or prints, there is so much to choose from. Because of LuLaRoe’s unique business model, there are only a set amount of prints made for every piece. Each skirt is unique and original, with a limited run of each; this ensures you have the latest fashion trend of your very own. We are starting to see so many fun, and unique fabrics, prints and textures coming out this year, I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2017.

My personal favorites are some of the many fun LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt prints, in particular, anything floral. I have become obsessed with floral prints – and thank goodness there is an abundance of floral print maxi skirts to choose from.  Each skirt is boasts unique pattern and prints, and the best part of all about Maxis is the comfort!  The fabrics used are ultra-comfortable, allowing you to wear it all day and feel great! I have NEVER owned a maxi before I started shopping LuLaRoe, and now my closet possibly has a few too many (wait, never mind – never too many!)  Check out some pics of our many styles that we’ve featured through the months.  Most of these we can’t keep in stock, as they go SO FAST, but we continue to get new, great styles in every week. I generally order 2-3 times a week, making sure that I keep the latest and greatest in stock for my customers.

So let’s talk about the Maxi skirt material. Almost all of the maxis I have received, are a triple weighted fabric- a heavy fabric that avoids wrinkling, which is AMAZING! I am seeing some new, great fabrics coming my way, not just for the skirts, but all the style lines, such as jacquard, embossed, burn out, and so much more…. so exciting! Each skirt has a yoga band style waist, which can be folded over, and will not cause any “pooching” or “bunching” because of the unique fabric. Making it easy to wear it higher or lower on your waist, changing the length of skirt to fit you the best. Like all my LuLaRoe clothing, I wash my maxi skirts with other like clothing/colors and lay flat to dry. Never dry your LuLaRoe Maxi skirt in the dryer..

We host online popup parties at least once a week, so feel free to checkout our LuLaRoe facebook group on how to buy LuLaRoe Maxi Skirts.  Our maxi skirt sale usually starts around 7 pm CST each event, so jump in on the fun and claim your own Maxi Skirt!

We also found this great video on LuLaRoe Maxi Skirts and styling tips…enjoy!